The Limes in Germany:
An archaeological monument
of international importance
International research:
The Roman frontiers are very much cared for in the international archaeological research. Frontier zones have always been regions of culture exchange and interaction.

The Limes cuts across Germany and has a length of more than 550 km. From the 1st until the 3rd century AD it marked Rom's frontier to Germania.

About 60 forts, variouse small forts and 900 watchtowers where occupied by approx. 25000 Roman soldiers. They controlled and secured the frontier.

The Limes is one of the most important archaeological monuments in Germany.

Word Heritage Site "Limes in Germany"
The UNESCO will decide in July about this first multi-national World Heritage Site. If the application passes, the Limes will join Hadrian's Wall (North-England) which is World Heritage Site since 1987.
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